SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2023 • 5:30 PM AND 8:00 PM


DRAMA • 2022 • COLOR • 122 MINUTES

"One of the most beautiful roles I have been offered." -- Michele Placido

Orlando is an aged musician from a small town in central Italy who lost his wife and now lives alone, playing accordion at weddings and working the land. Valerio, his only child left for Brussels soon after his mother's death, which led Orlando to cut all ties with him. However, when he reaches out to his father to ask for help, Orlando feels he must oblige. For the first time in his life he leaves town and travels to Brussels, only to arrive too late. His son has died, leaving behind a twelve-year-old daughter, Lyse.

Directed by Daniele Vicari, with Michele Placido, Angelica Kazankova, and Fabrizio Rongione

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We are once again at the historic Angelico Hall on the campus of Dominican University in San Rafael. Built in 1921 and updated in 1989, Angelico Hall serves as Dominican's concert hall and venue guest speakers' venue. The new location offers the Italian Film Festival more comfortable theater seating, a larger screen, and improved picture and sound quality.