SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2022 • 5:30 PM AND 8:00 PM



Pino is an 11-year-old with hemophilia who has spent his whole life watching other children play from the safety of his apartment. One of the children visits him and finds him to be clever, funny, and a talented artist. Animated by desire for freedom and boundless courage, he decides to start his adventure in the world and to show everyone that he can live his life like a normal kid. A moving story about following your dream and the power of friendship.

A film for the entire family. Suitable for ages 8+.

Directed by Samuele Rossi, with Andrea Arru, Rosa Barbolini, Mia Pormelari and Laretta Goggi

Minerva Pictures Group S.r.l.
Via Marcella, 4/6, 00153 Rome, Italy

We are once again at the historic Angelico Hall on the campus of Dominican University in San Rafael. Built in 1921 and updated in 1989, Angelico Hall serves as Dominican's concert hall and venue guest speakers' venue. The new location offers the Italian Film Festival more comfortable theater seating, a larger screen, and improved picture and sound quality.